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Operating Oilfield Entities

RPC's business segments are: Technical Services and Support Services. Our operating business units include Cudd Pressure Control, Patterson Services and ThruTubing Solutions.
PRESSURE PUMPING - RPC''s largest service line is pressure pumping, which accounted for approximately 46 percent of RPC''s 2016 revenues. Pressure pumping is a stimulation service that involves fracturing or acidizing a formation to initiate or stimulate production in new and existing customer wells, either at the completion of drilling or later in the well''s life cycle. It is especially useful in unconventional completion activities, where exposing additional surface area in a formation is critical to enhanced flow of hydrocarbons from the formation. Because of the growth of shale-related production activities, our customers'' need for high-capacity, high-quality pressure pumping services has grown tremendously. This service line has received the majority of our capital investments and is responsible for a significant amount of our growth. Pressure pumping services involve using complex, truck-mounted equipment, so the mobility of this equipment permits our services to be performed in various geographic areas. RPC provides these services to customers in a number of U.S. domestic oil and gas producing regions focused in unconventional basins.
DOWNHOLE TOOLS (ThruTubing Solutions) - RPC''s downhole tools service line is dedicated to the coiled tubing and snubbing industry, specializing in working downhole tools under pressure during various fishing and drilling operations. This service line accounted for approximately 23 percent of RPC''s revenues in 2016. Our downhole tools service line engineering department has developed a complete line of downhole equipment, some proprietary in nature. This service line continues to lead its segment of the industry with the development of several new applications. Downhole situations are unpredictable, so determining the best method for solving downhole problems requires visualization skills and the ability to apply the best engineering solution. Our engineering staff understands the mechanical and fluid parameters of any downhole tool assignment. Because our services are especially suited for unconventional drilling and completion activities, the service line has experienced significant growth over the past several years. In addition to our domestic success, we now have regular opportunities in several international markets.
COILED TUBING - Coiled tubing is a continuous reel of steel tubing that is unwound, straightened and inserted into a well to perform a variety of services in diverse environments. Coiled tubing is mobile, and because of its versatility can be tripped in and out of a well more quickly than conventional tubing. In many cases it enables the well to continue producing during well-servicing operations. RPC was a pioneer in coiled tubing, and today we see renewed interest in this market due to the unique requirements of unconventional wells and the enhanced capabilities of larger diameter coiled tubing strings for use in these completion activities. Coiled tubing accounted for approximately 10 percent of 2016 revenues.
SNUBBING - Approximately 4% of total revenues. Snubbing-hydraulic workover has been an important service line due to its specialization. This service line accounted for approximately 3 percent of our 2016 revenues. Snubbing-hydraulic workover is a well intervention service that uses a portable, hydraulic workover rig and crew to repair damaged casing, production tubing and downhole production equipment in a high-pressure environment and even to replace downhole equipment while maintaining pressure on the well. Snubbing-hydraulic workover requires significant experience and knowledge to perform this service safely and efficiently; therefore, this service is a small, specialized segment of the oil and gas industry. Hydraulic workover is increasingly used in unconventional completions which have extremely long lateral wellbores that coiled tubing cannot effectively service.
NITROGEN - Approximately 5% of total revenues. Nitrogen is a safe, noncombustible and noncorrosive substance and has a variety of oilfield uses. It is used to complement several of our other service lines, including coiled tubing and snubbing and pressure pumping. There are a number of uses for nitrogen, an inert, noncombustible element, in providing services to oilfield customers and industrial users outside of the oilfield. For our oilfield customers, nitrogen can be used to clean drilling and production pipe and displace fluids in various drilling applications. Nitrogen can also be used to create a fire-retardant environment in hazardous blowout situations and as a fracturing medium for our fracturing service line. Specialized equipment is required to deliver nitrogen safely and effectively to the well site. Nitrogen accounted for approximately 5 percent of RPC’s revenues in 2016.
BRONCO OILFIELD SERVICES - Approximately 4% of RPC revenues. Bronco Oilfield Services is an RPC service line that provides flowback, well testing, surface control, and pumping equipment services to the oil and gas industry.
WELL CONTROL - Well Control specializes in responding to and controlling oil and gas well emergencies, including blowouts and well fires domestically and internationally. It is a service line we are known for in the industry. The Company’s professional firefighting staff has many years of aggregate industry experience in responding to well fires and blowouts, and the successful performance of this service often leads to additional service opportunities. We perform these services all over the world and on short notice. In the past few years we have performed well control work in most oil-producing regions around the world. While well control accounted for less than 1 percent of RPC’s 2016 revenues, it remains an important component of our service offerings.
WIRELINE - A wireline unit is used to run tools down a wellbore to perform many functions. Wireline can be used in logging to learn about formation properties, to run completion tools, or to retrieve lost equipment. Electric wireline runs electrically powered wireline tools.
PATTERSON RENTAL TOOLS - The rental tools service line is the largest part of our support services segment and accounted for approximately 3 percent of RPC revenues in 2016. This service line rents equipment to customers for use in both onshore and offshore oil and gas well drilling, as well as completion and workover activities. Usually, operators and drilling contractors find it more economical to supplement their tool and tubular inventories with rental items instead of owning a complete collection of tools. Our facilities are located to serve major staging points for oil and gas activities throughout the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions for use in both onshore and offshore oil and gas well drilling, completion and workover activities. Our rental tools service line has some of the highest exposure to U.S. domestic oil production of any of our service lines due to the strategic placement of our facilities.
PATTERSON TUBULAR SERVICES - Performs Tubular inspections, and stores and inventories a wide variety of pipe for customers.
WELL CONTROL SCHOOL - Less that 1% of total revenues. Provides industry and government-accredited training to industry personnel, including System 21 training solutions. System 21 is the only interactive CD-ROM-based blowout prevention program that has been approved by the Mineral Management Service (a division of the Department of the Interior) and awarded full accreditation from the International Association of Drilling Contractors WellCap Committee. It allows students to complete certification in Drilling, Well Completion/Workover, Well Servicing and Subsea.
ENERGY PERSONNEL INTERNATIONAL - This team of engineers and consultants provides experienced project management personnel to field workover programs and optimization projects.